Klein Begin Sustainable Settlement Project

The Klein Begin Trust land in Grabouw is owned by a cohesive community of thirty two households. The Whole Earth Building Foundation has partnered with the Klein Begin Community to create housing, social spaces, food gardens and energy and water management methods in a training environment.

The programme is designed to place guidance and control in the hands of the community.


Before embarking on the building of housing, we will begin our training by building a shared social facility of a 140 square metre library and meeting space. Members of the community who are interested, will be included. This will involve the whole community and generate food security and livelihoods.

Klein Begin Site PicOur First Milestone is to build a modern facility with the residents of Klein Begin, using sustainable indigenous building and Permacultural and Biodynamic methods, within a period of one year, on a site on the land that the Klein Begin Trust was given in 2006. The land was given to them by the owners of a timber housing factory who employed members of the community over many years.

The idea for the Klein Begin Sustainable Settlement Project began with ideas from the community are to build a library and kitchen  metres for their training. 

Here are the first architectural ideas for the Social Centre at Klein Begin:

01 Library Floor Plan-1 copy 2


 Drawings by Gerhard Scheepers, Architect

Discussions with the Klein Begin community are ongoing. Phiemie Pieterson is the Chairperson of the Klein Begin Trust.

IMG_1252 copy