Sponsor and Donate

The Whole Earth Building Foundation is a Nonprofit Section 18a Organisation, Registration Number 114-650 with the Department of Social Development.
It is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), Registration Number 93/00/40/245 from the South African Revenue Services, enabling the Tax Deductibility of Donations. 
We welcome donations from corporates and the general public to help us to continue our work to create sustainable human settlements for marginalised citizens in South Africa.
By contributing to the Whole Earth Building Foundation you can be assured that your money will go towards helping to lay the basis for on-going, community-led development initiatives and the transformation of the lives of marginalised communities.
ACCOUNT NAME: WHOLE EARTH BUILDING FOUNDATION                                  FIRST NATIONAL BANK                                                                        BRANCH NUMBER 202509                                                                          ACCOUNT NUMBER 62460679354
The two sections below provide possible ways of donating to the Whole Earth Building Foundation as a corporate sponsor or as an individual.


The Whole Earth Building Foundation welcomes support from South African and international corporations and is able to offer branding and marketing opportunities through our programmes, projects and services.

As a registered Section 18(A) Public Benefit Organisation, all South African companies claim their donations as a tax incentive from the South African Revenue Service (SARS). A tax receipt is provided for all financial contributions.


In order to support the Whole Earth Building Foundation’s work, you have the choice to provide us with a once-off or a monthly donation that could be carried out as a tax incentive. You can make your donation by means of a direct deposit into our bank account, or with an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). 

We thank and acknowledge all financial contributors to the Whole Earth Building Foundation, so please state your full name as reference of payment. In your email please indicate whether you are interested in being added to our database so that we can inform you of our future programmes.

Contact: Lesley Freedman at 072 4174 186  

Email: lesleyfreedman@gmail.com

The Whole Earth Building Foundation is looking for funding for its first project, the Klein Begin Sustainable Settlement, which is awaiting construction.

We have partnered with the Klein Begin Community to create housing, social spaces and food gardens and energy and water management methods in a training environment.

By donating to a Whole Earth Building Foundation Programme, you will be working towards improving and updating the knowledge base of accessible methodologies which improve the quality of life of communities needing affordable housing, schools, libraries and social spaces, contributes towards the reduction of pollution, carbon emissions and the financially sound recycling process.

You will be providing ecologically sound vocational training, livelihood and entrepreneurial skills.