Rammed Earth (Pisé de Terre, Taipa)


                 Rammed          rammed earth

This is an ancient building method that has seen a revival in recent years. Rammed earth walls are simple to construct, thermally dense, strong and durable.  Building in rammed earth involves compressing a damp mixture of earth that has proportions of sand, gravel and clay into an externally supported frame or mould, creating a solid wall of earth. 150mm of the mixture is placed in a form each time, which is then compacted manually with a tamper or by a pneumatic tamper before the next 150mm.

Techniques have been updated with improved engineering, sophisticated forms and innovative design to make rammed earth competitive with conventional building construction. Rammed earth buildings have survived for thousands of years, as demonstrated by the many still-standing ancient structures around the world.


Materials and Methodologies